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3 Things you need to know about a Life or Wellness Coach?

Coaching can transform your present and future by working with you as a team to empower you in becoming an experts on your wellness. People seek Wellness Coaches as they posses the tools and knowledge to kick start the journey towards sustainable behavior change.

'The measure of intelligence is the ability to change' - Albert Einstein.

Before we get into what a Wellness Coach is, lets gain some clarity on what a coach is NOT. A Wellness Coach is not psychotherapy, counselling, mentoring or consulting. Though there are some similarities. Wellness Coaching will not focus on your past but your present and future. Wellness coaching is not about telling you what to do or to provide a diagnosis. So lets find out what IS Wellness Coaching.

1. A Judgement free zone

Our coaching sessions are client driven and provide a safe place for clients to share both their positive and challenging experiences. Though there are always goals and action items set by the end of the session to promote positive behavioral change, there is no judgment regarding achievement of goals. The emphasis will be on the effort and commitment to change. Meaning that even when the client does not reach their weekly goals, instead of judgment and negative self-talk we seek to find out WHY challenges blocked progress and then promote brainstorming sessions to find solutions. No one has guilted themselves into positive change. Furthermore, all goals are set by the client based on intrinsic values and motivations so that they feel 100% responsible and connected with them.

2. The obstacle is the way

For most people, when they start their journey towards positive behavioral change they will inevitably run into obstacles and challenges. This is where the excitement and motivation felt at the start of the journey wears off and people quit. A Wellness Coach will guide your through the obstacles not by providing solutions but rather helping you understand that when the obstacles inevitably show up, they are not meant to be avoided or dreaded but actually viewed as the way forward. Through constant practice, you will begin to view the obstacles as part of the journey which prepares you to become the person you need to be on your journey to your best self.

3. Process > Goals

When people think of the journey to positive change, they mostly think of achieving goals. Though this is part the journey, the process is where Wellness Coaching focuses on. The problem with focusing solely on goal achievement is that goals are constantly being achieved and then more are set. Its like you are constantly moving the goal post further and further away and then working feverishly to get to the next one without actually acknowledging and enjoying the process. You will eventually get trapped in the “Once I reach my goal, then I’ll be happy.” The challenge with thinking this way is that you’re continually putting happiness off until the next milestone.

Wellness Coaching uses goals on a weekly and monthly basis but focuses on who you have to become and are becoming in achieving the goals towards positive change. To enjoy the process towards positive change which will sustain motivations for the long-haul. Goals are great for planning your journey and systems are good for actually making and sustain progress.

If you felt a connection with this blog and are considering the journey to the best version of yourself, fill out the Contact Form below to book your FREE consultation session.

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