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5 Misconceptions About Needing A Wellness Coach

Everybody wants to get better at something. Whether it be finances, health, or family relations, we can always improve. Studies have shown that people who make it habit to engage in continuous learning an improvement age better and live healthier and longer lives. This blog will cover the top five misconception about Wellness Coaching and show how teaming up with a coach and help accelerate your evolution into your best-self.

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.” - Thomas Edison

1. Coaching is only for people who have major problems

There needs to be nothing wrong for a person to get a Wellness Coach. Though some people get coaches because they want to address challenges in their lives, studies have shown that the most successful people are people who have coaches in whatever endeavor they seek to constantly improve in. A Wellness Coach's main objective is to team up with the client and to guide them into becoming their best-self as they achieve their goals and navigate towards a more compelling future.

2. You don't need training to become a Wellness Coach

First, you should know that coaching isn’t regulated. So, there are no formal requirements for becoming a life or Wellness Coach. That being said, both Farid and Maria are certified Wellness Coaches from Humber College in addition to having over 7 combined years of experience in healing modalities, and working with charities supporting veterans and first responders living with mental anguish. We believe that we have the right blend of knowledge, skills, and tools to lead, motivate, and encourage clients to grow into the person and the results they most want.

3. Life coaching takes too much time

How many weeks, months, or years have you spent trying to achieve your dreams? We tend to invest time and energy on thing such as our jobs, families and loved ones but fail at times to invest into ourselves. Our coaching sessions are 30 minutes a week and we provide a variety of packages ranging from one month to 12 months based on your goals. If you’re still wondering if it’s worth the time to invest in yourself, consider how you would feel if nothing had changed this time next year

4. Life coaches tell their clients what to do

Parents, siblings, friends, and co-workers like to tell you what you should be doing. That is not the role of your coach. Coaches do not provide advice or instructions; rather they guide you through self-reflection and creative brainstorming to tap into the evidence of resilience you already hold and inner power to evolve into the best version of yourself. Wellness Coaches do not want to hear "you are right" but rather "that is right" which is much more intrinsic and self driven. Coaches work with you as a team with clients to dream, explore and stretch their currently held views which are holding them back form their best-self.

5. Coaching is too expensive and only for Executives and athletes

Though it is accurate that coaching caught on first with high-level executives, and people coming from affluence, it has now evolved to reach people from every walk of life. Everyday people who want to increase their sense of well-being now have access to coaches which work as a team with clients to customize a strategy which sets up the client to succeed in their evolution to their best self. As the for the cost of coaching, like any expenditure, you must ask yourself what is the cost of not improving or changing your current trajectory and decide on the matter.

If you would like to learn more about our brand of Wellness Coaching, please contact us and set up your FREE consultation session where we can discuss the best package which would fit your financial and personal needs.

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