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Ever Wonder What Makes Up A Coaching Session?

A coaching session is where a client and coach work together as a team to create momentum towards positive change as the client works towards becoming the best version of themselves. Contrary to popular belief, the session is not a place for a client to be told what to do, gain diagnosis, or to get a motivation speech. This blog will break down what client can expect from a 1:1 coaching session at Quantum Wellness.

"The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting." Plutarch

Ongoing Wellness Coaching session are made up of five sections. All section are interdependent on each other which creates a natural state of flow for the 30 minute duration. The structure of the coaching session ensures that client has ample time to reflect on their weekly experiences while at the same time leaving the session feeling that they have attainable goals which will move them towards the best version of themselves.

1. Session Opening

The session starts with the client checking in with themselves and reflecting on their energy level/mood in that moment. Once the baseline energy level/mood is acknowledged, the client is asked to reflect on the best thing that has happened to them during the previous week. By focusing on the positive first, we look to create momentum and perhaps insights on how we can borrow from those positives to utilize in the challenging realms in later sections of the session.

2. Weekly Goal Review

This section focuses on the clients experiences with their previously set goals. Maintaining the trend from the previous section, we start with the positive experiences and transition into the challenging ones. Through self-reflection the team works to accept the challenges as part of the experience, to trust the process and value it more than the goal. Focus shall always be on who we become on our way to achieving the goal. The data gained from the set backs will the be utilized to modify or enhance tactics moving forward to the next week. The mantra in this section is no failure, only learning.

3. Generative Moment

This section take up the largest time of the coaching session. The team collaborates to identify the topic to work on, where the client has aroused emotional energy and interest. The client is encouraged what he/she wants with relation to the topic in addition to identifying what strengths and values they have to move towards that aim. The team then engages in creative brainstorming of pathways forward.

4. Goal Setting

In this section the client to identifies a goal that is important and that he/she is ready to pursue which could be associated with the generative moment topic. The team explores the support, structure, or environments needed to ensure success and handle challenges which could arise. The coach then assists the client to refine the goal to be a SMART behavioral goal which sets up the team for success.

5. Session Closing

The coaching session closes by the client checking in with themselves and identifying where they stand with regards to the beginning of the session. The client then reflects on key take aways from the session and provides feedback for the coach as required to best support the client’s journey.

If you think this experience is one which you would like to partake in, reach out to us to set up your FREE consultation session to learn more.

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