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How Self Love Serves As Rocket Fuel For Positive Change

There is a saying that we should treat others as we would treat ourselves. That is ironic because studies show we are incredibly harder on ourselves when compared to others. Lack of self-love and compassion creates needless suffering which then hinders our ability to engage in positive change. In this blog we will discover how self-love is a muscle which we need to exercise so that it serves as the rocket fuel for our journey to reach the best version of ourselves.

“Humans punish themselves endlessly for not being what they believe they should be" - Miguel Ruiz

How do you feel about your current self? Are you worthy of love, respect, and honor? If the answer to any of these is no, this could be the reason why you may be feeling hindered in your ability to engage in positive change, or feel confident in how you are showing up in the world. How can we accept love from others when we cannot accept it from ourselves? Studies have shown that self-love/self-advocacy is something that we lose in early childhood. Whether it be from well intentioned family members or society in general, we start to lose our ability to show compassion and love for ourselves. This can come from traumatic childhood experiences but it can also come on from constantly being reminded that we are not meeting societal norms. This tactic has been proven to fail. No one loses weight because they constantly tell themselves that they are overweight and not deserving of a body which they would enjoy looking at. Self-love is not about ignoring our challenges, but rather how we can use the discomfort to our advantage rather than a burden.

Wellness Coaches work with clients to engage in self-love not by just talking about it, but reflecting on all the positive experiences and achievements from the past. We tend to zoom in on our shortcomings and forget how far we have come in our evolution. We begin to understand that self-love gives us the ability to break all the lies you we were programmed to believe, “I’m not good enough; I’m not beautiful enough; I’m not strong enough.” Armed with self-love, you are no longer afraid to engage in self growth and to face problems that will 100% come our way. You stop worrying about what could happen and trust your ability to deal challenges as they arise. You mission becomes not in reaching goals but rather how to become the person you need to be on your journey. Self-love is about learning how to make yourself happy, and to share your love, so that you enjoy the journey, not just the results.

If you want to learn more about self-love and how it could serve you on your journey to your best-self, book your FREE consultation session to learn more.

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