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The Universe Is On Your Side

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

So what is the universe? The common perception is that the universe is everything that is not you. The universe is all the humans, animals, and forces of nature around you. Our quality of life can be measured by how we view the universe and how we interact with it. Studies have shown that our attitude towards the universe directly affects our levels on contentment and achievement as it influences our choices in life. This blog will discuss how we can shape our view of the universe and hence the quality of our lives.

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” -Aldous Huxley

So how do you perceive the universe? There are three categories that people will fall into regarding their views on the universe. See in which category you currently fall under and how its shaping your current reality.

The first category consists of people who believe the universe is against them. That they have no luck and it seems disappointment is always around the corner. Life is hard and filled with suffering.

The second category is the vast majority of people. They think that the universe does not really care about us. When things go their way, it is just dumb luck and when things go against them, it was just their time to fail no matter how hard they tried. This group sees the universe as indifferent to the people in it.

The third category views the universe as benevolent. That the universe is always on their side and constantly providing them with things that they need rather than what they want at any given time. For example, as a child you may have wanted ice cream for lunch every day, your parents disappointed you by offering fruits and vegetables. At that time you might have thought that these people wished you ill but as time passed as you grew into a healthy adult, you realized that they were actually doing you a favour. If we were to look back on our lives, we could all find instances in which our greatest disappointments were actually our greatest blessings. When we choose to view the universe as on our side, it does not mean that we jump for joy every time things don't go our way. The idea is that after the initial feeling of disappointment, we fall back on our mindset that this might not be all that bad and that there is a lesson to be learned which will aid in our evolution to our best self. This of course will be harder for topics such as death and betrayal but the principle remains the same. Holding this belief does not remove disappointment but rather shorten the perceived suffering and gets us back into a state of creation towards our ultimate goal, which is our best self.

The reality is that there is no scientific proof that the universe is on your side. But there is also no evidence that the universe is not on your side or indifferent to you. Based on that knowledge, we get to choose how we perceive the universe. Why not adopt the mindset which empowers us and keeps us growing?

If you are interested in learning more about adopting a more positive view of the universe and your current reality, book you FREE consultation session with a Wellness Coach.

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