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Why Discipline Is Important

Philosophy, psychology, religions, and endless self-help books focus on disciple. Its a topic you either love and admire, or you hate and view it as burden. Studies have shown that discipline is attributed to good character and soundness of mind which serves as the jumping point towards achieving our goals in life. This blog will discuss how discipline can be utilized as an internal means of obedience to rules and regulations and how with practice it will equal to success in our journey to best self.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

To some discipline holds a heavy, negative connotation as it may have been attributed to spanking, hitting, sarcasm, verbal shaming or degrading remarks. This negative form of discipline usually arises when it was forced on us, perhaps from those who were closest to us such as our parents. However, when discipline comes within, it becomes a form of self-love. It means never tolerating anything (not even from yourself) that will prevent you from becoming the best version of yourself.

Discipline is a learned behaviour. When people see their favourite athletes or movie star performing, they are admiring the finish product. They fail to see the discipline, dedication and hard work it took to become that person. The most common theme when asked how such people achieved their greatness is always discipline to their craft. The good news for us is that we can learn this behaviour as well. It was not granted only for a chosen few.

So how do we attain discipline? Choose your WHY first. Studies have shown that we start an endeavor if we have a strong intrinsic why, we are much more likely to maintain our discipline in staying committed to the task. What does that mean? So lets say I want to lose some extra pounds. If my why is because my parents or spouse told me to do it, odds are I will faulter as it was never really my goal. As soon as things get hard, I will make up some beautiful excuses to quit. However, if my why to lose those pounds is because I want to be in good health so that when my daughter grows up I can go on adventures with her without pain and to set an example of how to live healthy life style, odds are I would be more likely to stay the course. Discipline grows on itself, meaning the more mornings I get my ass out of bed and into the gym or on the yoga mat, the easier it will become the next morning. Discipline will provide you with the evidence you need to believe in yourself as you gain confidence in your ability to do hard things.

In addition to helping us stay the course in achieving our goals, discipline has also be attributed to developing positive habits, prevents procrastination, helps you manage your time better, boosts your self-esteem, improves you ability to manage your emotions, and helps you reduce stress.

If you want to make discipline a part of your life, contact us for your FREE consultation and start the journey now.

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