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Coaching For Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Creators


What We Offer


Who We Are

At Quantum Wellness, we offer immersive services for entrepreneurs, leaders, and creators. Our one-stop shop provides Reiki sessions, 1:1 coaching, and transformative group sessions, all focused on discovering your WHY and fostering positive change.

Beyond individual growth, our workshops create a sense of community and belonging among entrepreneurs. We understand the journey can be lonely, so we connect you with like-minded individuals to share the ups and downs.

With ongoing interactions, weekly action items, and goal-setting, we ensure continuous growth and progress. Embrace the journey with us, unlock your potential, and thrive as an empowered entrepreneur, influential leader, or visionary creator. Together, we'll pave the path to remarkable success.

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Our Promise

We recognize that there's no "silver bullet" to overcome all the challenges you face as an entrepreneur, leader, or creator.


Yet, we pledge to deliver measurable results on this transformative journey with us. Experience an unstoppable momentum towards becoming the best version of yourself. Take the first step now – what do you have to lose?


Meet The Professionals

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Maria Turcios

With 15 years of expertise as a licensed mutual funds advisor, I've empowered countless entrepreneurs, helping them gain financial control, organize resources, and clear debts - setting a sturdy foundation for success.

For 14 years, I've been a Reiki Master and certified hypnotherapist, skilled in removing energy blocks and limiting beliefs that hinder personal growth and entrepreneurial endeavors. By harnessing the power of the mind, I'll help you cultivate a positive and resilient mindset to overcome challenges and maximize your potential.

My extensive experience as a real estate investor for 15 years and private loans lender has provided deep insights into the financial dynamics entrepreneurs face.

As a certified wellness coach, my commitment is to support you in achieving life balance, understanding that true success encompasses both professional achievements and personal well-being.



Our Qualifications

Wellness Coaching - Humber College


Mindvalley Holobody Coach


Reiki Master 


International and National Group Therapeutic Retreat Instructor

Mediation Instructor

Wellcoaches Certified

Mindvalley 10X Coach

Yoga Instructor

Camp Aftermath Chairperson

Mental Health First Aid

Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapy

Reiki Treatment

My coaching sessions with Farid have been nothing short of positive, uplifting, and inspirational. Farid is a great listener and was able to diffuse my thoughts, help me focus and point me in a meaningful direction. He really helped by breaking things down into “bite size” pieces so that I didn’t feel overwhelmed. Farid provided advice that was tailored to my personal aspirations and goals. His easy going, optimistic, fun, and outgoing
personality left me feeling motivated, energized, empowered and ready to take on anything that comes my way!

~ Mitch V

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